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In today's data-driven reality, it remains evident that historically marginalized groups face a common challenge: they are often over-mentored and under-sponsored. While individual performance plays a role in career progression, the presence of a sponsor becomes a significant factor in facilitating continued advancement. This gets more critical and more challenging at senior levels. The persistently discouraging lack of progress in leadership representation indicates that underrepresented groups lack the critical support of sponsors advocating for them during pivotal career decisions made in rooms where they are absent, thereby preventing us from maximizing strategies for innovation.

Unveiled - Bridging the Gap, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, is a global community committed to transforming this dynamic. Our approach goes beyond raising awareness; we equip individuals with practical tools, frameworks, and actionable strategies that can be integrated into their daily lives. Our programs and workshops accomplish the perfect balance between standardization through shared experiences and personalization for individual context.

We work towards building critical thinking and analyzing one's own network potential. We focus on tangible frameworks for networking for value creation, to enable equitable career advancement opportunities in the context of our signature framework of CareerGPSSM

At Unveiled, we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 5 (gender equality), and Goal 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure). Together, we aim to create a world where historically marginalized groups have equitable access to opportunities, where sponsors champion their voices, and where the global potential of these talented individuals can truly shine, in turn helping organizations reach their full potential in driving innovation.

Our main objectives are:
  • Mobilize communities through knowledge and data
  • Empower communities through support services for tangible progress in career advancement
  • Improve the lived experiences for communities to optimize UN SDGs 5 and 9

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Sahana Mukherjee Follow me on LinkedIn

Founder & President
Global HR Leader

Sejal Amin Follow me on LinkedIn

(Founding) Strategic Advisory Board
Chief Technology Officer, Shutterstock

Paola de Almeida Follow me on LinkedIn

(Founding) Strategic Advisory Board
Innovation & Transformation Executive

Wanda Shoer Follow me on LinkedIn

Advisory Council - Communications & Outreach
Business Strategist & Organizational Transformation Executive

Leyla Samiee Follow me on LinkedIn

Cohort Advisory Committee
VP of Engineering, Mozilla Social

Dr Stephanie Murphy Follow me on LinkedIn

Cohort Advisory Committee
Founder & Principal Consultant, MCS Consulting

Wagner Denuzzo Follow me on LinkedIn

Cohort Advisory Committee
Leadership Development & Future of Work Executive

Lisa Gable Follow me on LinkedIn

Cohort Advisory Committee
US Ambassador | WSJ & USA Today Best-selling Author | Keynote Speaker | Chairperson | CEO

Jennifer Faherty, CFP® Follow me on LinkedIn

Cohort Advisory Committee
Applied Positive Psychology Coach I Principal and Chief CX Officer

Pamela Shand Follow me on LinkedIn

(Founding) Cohort Workshop Facilitator
Founder, The Offer Stage & Talent Acquisition and Career Growth Expert

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Chester Elton Follow me on LinkedIn

Author & CEO of 'The Culture Works'
Exclusive Invite Only Masterclass - The Power of Gratitude (September 2023)

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