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Want to understand more about the criticality of sponsors in your career? Have questions about fostering sponsor relationships to enable equitable access to opportunities?

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Submit your question, in a safe space, and we will email you a consolidated response from our advisors. You get access to all of their expertise simply by asking your question! 

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We believe in harnessing the power of storytelling to generate awareness, inspire understanding, and impact positive change. But we also know that it can be difficult to publicly share one's story. The power in the story is no less because of that!

We are creating a safe space for you to share your story - you disclose your identity only if you want to. But we will work on leveraging the power in your story for tangible progress.

Share your Story, because it has the power to drive positive change!


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We have virtual and in-person workshops, masterclass, and informational sessions.

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Our flagship program is based on the innovative framework, CareerGPS, created by our Founder & President, Sahana Mukherjee. With demonstrated success, this highly selective, hands-on 8-month cohort experience achieves the perfect balance of standardization and personalization.

Applications run from October through early December. Selection decisions are communicated in December.

The cohort program runs January through August on 2nd Saturdays.

We firmly believe in equitable access and elevating underrepresented groups who are willing to invest time and effort in their development. That is why this is a one-of-a-kind program, not just due to its comprehensive, data-driven, practical approach but also because it is complimentary to the participants.

Our 2024 cohort has also received access to Dextego as part of their experience, an AI-powered skill-development platform.

Learn about our 2024 'Unwind with Unveiled' Cohort and cheer them on!

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