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At Unveiled - Bridging the Gap, we're steadfast in our dedication to transforming the career landscape for underrepresented groups. As we step into 2024, we invite you to consider supporting our mission by becoming a paid member. Your support will allow us to further our mission and maintain our ability to keep our core services free, making strides toward a world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

We are introducing a new membership tier - "In Your Corner"!

This will bolster our efforts to continue to address a common challenge faced by underrepresented groups: being over-mentored and under-sponsored. Your invaluable contributions will enable us to continue breaking down barriers and providing essential tools for gaining equitable access to opportunities for career advancement. Our approach goes beyond awareness-raising. As a global community committed to action, we equip individuals with practical tools, frameworks, and actionable strategies through our programs and workshops.

Thank you for joining "In Your Corner" with a recurring or one-time contribution. Donations over $200 in a year will receive a gift from us!

Thank you for being a vital part of our commitment to transforming the career landscape and fostering a more equitable world!

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Together, Let's Amplify Impact

Enable equitable access to opportunities for career advancement - Help underrepresented groups break the cycle of being over-mentored and under-sponsored!

Make a tax-exempt donation today for an amount of your choice or fund one or more of these activities to further our mission.

  • Operational costs to maintain status, grant application fees, and other resources
  • Information sessions and workshops to raise community awareness and offer vital support services, ensuring that individuals have access to valuable information and networking opportunities
  • Resources (books, courses, events) for underrepresented groups outside cohort program
  • Sponsor seats for MIT xPRO courses (collaboration details below)
Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us!

At ‘Unveiled’, we are tackling a crucial gap in the market that, if left unaddressed, will perpetuate the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in accessing equitable career advancement opportunities. You have the power to contribute to meaningful change and positively impact the lived experiences of individuals who have been overlooked for far too long. Join us in making a real difference by actively getting involved with ‘Unveiled’ and let's drive greater impact together!

Share your ideas of how we can collaborate - get creative whether it's speakers, webinars, events or more!



The collaboration between MIT xPRO and Unveiled promises to be a game-changer towards equity in corporate and tech groups. Our shared goal is to create equitable access to leadership development and career growth by curating extraordinary opportunities to gain skills and knowledge through MIT xPRO's STEM and Leadership certificate courses. 

Ultimately, the impact of this collaboration resonates beyond the individual participants, extending to their organizations and communities. By cultivating inclusive leadership competencies, this initiative contributes to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech spaces, driving positive change toward a more equitable society.

Learn more: 

Unveiled x Dextego Partnership

Dextego & Unveiled

Dextego is now a founding sponsor for Unveiled: Bridging The Gap to Sponsorship! As part of their support for our mission, they will offer free licenses to our 2024 'Unwind with Unveiled' cohort!

Their work to make continuous upskilling accessible is closely aligned with our mission of empowering underrepresented groups to gain equitable access to opportunities by breaking the cycle of being over-mentored and under-sponsored!

Through the orchestration of meticulously tailored micro-challenges, video-based responses, and personalized engagements, Dextego cultivates a truly immersive learning experience. Leveraging the dynamic of AI coaching in conjunction with a community of lifelong learners, Dextego enables individuals to evolve into enhanced versions of themselves. The AI-powered platform takes personalization to new heights by furnishing recommendations grounded in individual strengths and areas necessitating growth. What's more, Dextego goes beyond conventional boundaries; it fosters inclusivity, accessibility, and engagement, rendering learning both delightful and actionable. Our partnership with Dextego allows us to provide our cohort with access to a 24/7 AI coach that supports their continued skill development as they go through the 'Unwind with Unveiled' experience.

We are excited about this partnership and look forward to doing great things together!

'Unwind with Unveiled' Cohort runs Jan - Aug.